Bookhad? What?

Bookhad is a spin-off from the Hindi word ‘bukkhad‘ which means ‘a person who eats a lot’. We transformed bukkhad into Bookhad to mean some one who reads a lot.

A change here and a change there is how we live. A book here and a book there is how we grow. Constantly reading and reviewing a variety of books, we believe in sharing the joy of reading all around. We’re bordering on the madness of reading and habitually talking about books. We even believe that characters in books were real people. We suffer from hangovers after reading a book and we forget that the world is moving on while we reel on what happened in the story.

This blog is where we share the euphoria of reading with the rest of the world. It’s up for grabs—book reviews, book quotes, trivia and even plain romanticism about books.

Feel free to provide feedback and even criticism so we can get to know you and create a bigger reading circle.

Happy Reading!

Be a bookhad!

This blog is being maintained by Sameen and Siddiqui F. You can visit their individual blogs here amarllyis and here Ho-hum respectively.

We also have a Facebook group, should you like to join, here.

Team Bookhad

8 thoughts on “Bookhad? What?

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  1. Apologies. The eternal, detail oriented grammar nazi in me wants to point out that the original word is ‘bhukkad’. Root word, bhook.

  2. Hi
    I am Kartik Sharma and chanced upon your Aroop interview published on 17/12/2013 in which he points me out as the most under-rated author. Lols. It is true. I am a writer who knows how to write good. As for promotions or self-promotions well that is a craft I have yet to learn.

    But yes, if you could do a feature on my book (which incidentally has evoked similar reactions among all my readers), interview me like you did Aroop or even do a book review, I would be glad for the opportunity and a burst of energy it would give to my novel The Quest of the Sparrows.

    I wish to thank Aroop for liking my book so much and you for publishing the words. It certainly made my day and is one of the sweetest rewards an author can expect from his readers.


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