Wake up

The end came upon us like a thief.  And left with an equally light tread. It caught us unaware; it caught us asleep. The light of the sun came creeping Upon our sleeping forms. It gently stirred the darkness away Into nothing. The new day was equally bright. Just like the many previous ones; The same... Continue Reading →

Ghosh and his magic

I’m a fan of re reading and I think I have mentioned that more than once right here. There are many reasons which compel me to read a book that I've already perused and, usually, it is the want of getting closer to the story or the character of the book. This January I chose... Continue Reading →

Em and the Big Hoom – Review

Book: Em and the Big Hoom Author: Jerry Pinto Year: 2012 Bookhad Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ The Big Hoom will sit by her bed and she will hold his forearms as he reads the paper. From time to time, she will say, ‘Mambo?’ And he will put down the paper and look at her. ‘Nothing’, she will say. And he will... Continue Reading →

Joanne Harris is best known for her 1999 novel, Chocolat, which focuses on a young single mother running a chocolate shop in a French village. The novel was adapted into a popular film that premiered in 2000. According to her website her hobbies include "mooching, lounging, strutting, strumming, priest-baiting and quiet subversion of the system”, although... Continue Reading →

Black Milk: On Writing, Motherhood, and the Harem Within – Review

Book: Black Milk: On Motherhood and Writing Author: Elif Shafak Year: 2007 Bookhad Rating: ❤❤❤❤♡ In a remarkably poignant memoir about her travails, Elif Shafak sketches her journey from being a spinster to a mother. The blurb describes the book about Elif's battle with post-partum depression and yet spans the challenges of being a woman in a man's... Continue Reading →

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