The Architect’s Apprentice – Review

Name: The Architect's Apprentice Author: Elif Safak Year: 2014 Bookhad Rating: ❤❤ As I entered Istanbul, my guide pointed out the borders of erstwhile Constantinople. Further into the city, he pointed out the aqueducts. And as a part of the full-fledged city tour, I saw all the other monuments and a few mosques that rose high on the... Continue Reading →

The Museum of Innocence – Review

Book: The Museum of Innocence Author: Orhan Pamuk Year: 2009 Bookhad Rating: ❤❤ Sometimes we'd do nothing but sit there in silence You read that, right? Now imagine 7 pages of tiny print, each beginning with the word 'sometimes'. It gets to you.  The Museum of Innocence is a drama surrounding the life of Kemal Bey and his love... Continue Reading →

Honour – Quotes

Book: Honour Author: Elif Shafak Year: 2012 He tip-toed past the double bed that had been placed in a corner - wrought-iron headboard, embroidered pillows, amulets against the evil-eye and a satiny, cobalt-blue bedspread. Blue was Iskender's favourite colour. It was the colour for boys, which meant the sky was a boy. So were the rivers and lakes. And... Continue Reading →

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