From the Holy Mountain – Review

Book: From the Holy Mountain Author: William Dalrymple Year: 1997 Bookhad Rating:  The Convent of Seidnaya, Syria, 11th September 1994 When the travel writer Colin Thubron visited the convent in 1966, he claimed to have witnessed a miracle: to have seen the face of the icon of Notre Dame de Seidnaya stream with tears. In the same... Continue Reading →

The Age of Innocence – Quotes

Firstly, read the following with care. I have tried not giving out spoilers but to talk about the language and the characters do give out a whiff. So, there is the disclaimer and, now, proceed if you must. Or, you can skip my addendum and jump directly to the quotes. Edith Wharton is said to... Continue Reading →

The World of Books…

A lot can be said about reading and writing and it'll never be enough to educate the ones who do not read. There are people who will not read because they're not in the habit. I forgive them. But then there are those who look down on the art of Reading! Morons! Bookhad (07.02.2013)

All images have been sourced from the Internet. We don't assume ownership for any of them. Bookhad (06.01.2013)

A Tale of Two Cities – Quotes

Quotation per se are usually meant to invoke a goosebumpy feeling because of their profound, yet, simple and intrinsic nature. Well, not all of them. I for one have another parameter all together which obviously does not preclude the former. Exquisite language!!! A very simple statement written with such glorious verbosity that can heighten the... Continue Reading →

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