Wake up

The end came upon us like a thief.  And left with an equally light tread. It caught us unaware; it caught us asleep. The light of the sun came creeping Upon our sleeping forms. It gently stirred the darkness away Into nothing. The new day was equally bright. Just like the many previous ones; The same... Continue Reading →

  John Michael Green was born on August 24, 1977, to Mike and Sydney Green in Indianapolis. His initial aim was to become an Episcopal priest. However, the time he spent among children with terminal-illness stimulated him to become a writer. Afterwards, he worked as a publishing assistant for Booklist, a book review journal. Green wrote... Continue Reading →

Looking for Alaska – Review

Book: Looking for Alaska Author: John Green Year: 2005 Bookhad Rating: ❤❤❤❤♡ Miles Halter has walked out into the big bad world when he moves to Alabama to attend Culver Creek Boarding School. Suddenly, he is plummeted into the teenage world of rule-breaking, new loves, snatched cigarettes, the recklessness of youth and the instability of emotion.... Continue Reading →

The Designer in the House

This morning a book club member remarked that we have too many engineers and CAs in the group. "Why not doctors?" she asked. So, when we introduce this next interviewee, we will leave out the 'Engineer' tag and say that he's a talented artist and a Designer who is an Automobile Styler. He sketches, works... Continue Reading →

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