Wake up

The end came upon us like a thief.  And left with an equally light tread. It caught us unaware; it caught us asleep. The light of the sun came creeping Upon our sleeping forms. It gently stirred the darkness away Into nothing. The new day was equally bright. Just like the many previous ones; The same... Continue Reading →

The title had a journey of its own. In Turkey the novel is called Iskender, which means Alexander. However I could not name it Alexander in English as people would have thought it was a novel about Alexander the Great. So instead of focusing on a character I focused on the theme and chose Honour. It is... Continue Reading →

We bring to you this year end delight. The following are the books that Bookhad read. All hyperlinks will take you to their respective reviews on this blog. We'll keep updating these hyperlinks as and when we review the books. We are growing. That's like saying that the Himalayas are gigantic or that Orwell was a... Continue Reading →

The Worker and The Queen

The end is almost upon us. December is about to be dissolved and January is to take charge of the life ahead. Bookhad interviewed its readers and the entire series was a peek in to the minds of the average Bookhad; their idiosyncrasies, their likes and dislikes, their flavour and their relationship with the written... Continue Reading →

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