Twilight in Delhi – Review

Book: Twilight in Delhi Author: Ahmed Ali Year: 1940 Bookhad Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ “In dinon garche dakkan mai hai badi qadr-e-sukhan Kaun jaye “zauq” par dilli ki galiyan chhod kar” Published in 1940, this novel on the capital is a necessary addition to all the other books written on the city. Quoting William Dalrymple in City of... Continue Reading →

The Designer in the House

This morning a book club member remarked that we have too many engineers and CAs in the group. "Why not doctors?" she asked. So, when we introduce this next interviewee, we will leave out the 'Engineer' tag and say that he's a talented artist and a Designer who is an Automobile Styler. He sketches, works... Continue Reading →

City of Djinns – Book Review

There is more than just one relationship one can have with a book. What one takes away from a book is noteworthy and much discussed, but what one brings to a book is far less acknowledged. More often than not, one approaches a book with expectations; to be enchanted, enthralled, entertained, emancipated and even educated.... Continue Reading →

Mirza Ghalib: A Biographical Scenario – Review

Book: Mirza Ghalib: A Biographical Scenario Author: Gulzar Published: December 31, 2005 When I finished reading Mirza Ghalib: A Biographical Scenario by Gulzar,  there was a lingering sadness that the book came to an end. However, there was also a fulfilling warmth inside. It was a beautiful journey. It was so calming that Time walked with me... Continue Reading →

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