2014 and Bookhad

... And here we're again. The year end always brings forth mixed feelings. The feeling of completion juxtaposed with the feeling of weightlessness of what could've been. The year 2014 was a mixed bag, just like its predecessor. Just like the year ahead will be. Apart from the usual review writing and book reading there... Continue Reading →

100 Book Quotes

We reached the three digit mark, like Utkarsha commented on the completion of the #100bookquotes phase successfully. It began one morning on the 3rd of July with To KiIl a Mockingbird and ended it with East of Eden on the 10th of October. A 100 days spent with quotes from different books and authors. A few writers... Continue Reading →

The Worker and The Queen

The end is almost upon us. December is about to be dissolved and January is to take charge of the life ahead. Bookhad interviewed its readers and the entire series was a peek in to the minds of the average Bookhad; their idiosyncrasies, their likes and dislikes, their flavour and their relationship with the written... Continue Reading →

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