It’s A Boy!

Has no one wondered where all those boys are? I mean, really! Who doesn't like talking to a guy who reads? In our 5th conversation we talk to an Engineer! Aroop Sanyal, the stage is yours... Reader Bio: Aroop is a Mechanical engineer by day and procrastinator by night. (Mugshot attached). He has a ear for good... Continue Reading →

She Reads Menus. Too.

On a roll, aren't we? On our 4th interview, we bring to you an insightful and compulsive reader who also happens to be a Consultant. She's every bit the model girl and what draws you to her, apart from her feminine charm, is her ocean of knowledge on classical and contemporary literature. Over to her...... Continue Reading →

Questioning a Psychologist

This time we've interviewed a psychologist. Yes, this is a first for us at Bookhad. We have tread very carefully here but we fear that she knows more about us than we do about her even after this interview. Onward...It's time for us to stop talking you see... Reader Bio: Vaishnavi Verma is a Counselling Psychologist... Continue Reading →

The (Un)Tame(d) SheWolf Talks

Up next we have a regular reader (of our blog too) and a blogger Tame SheWolf! Lest we say something to provoke the shewolf, here's a quick bio and then you can hear it from the wolf's mouth. Reader Bio: Tame SheWolf is a reluctant blogger suffering from existential crisis, who is valiantly fighting boredom and... Continue Reading →

In Conversation

Since this year has been special to us at Bookhad, we are doing something to sign off 2013 in style. When we thought about it, the only thing that seemed pertinent was to put our readers - the Bookhads - the people hungry for books, in the spotlight. And that's why we've done just that!... Continue Reading →

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