Admin Interview: The Rock

The second admin, Fayesal Siddiqui, has been the rock of this place. Every time things looked bleak, he held on. Every time, we had no will to go on, he egged us on. We've never known this man to give up. Ever. And that's why, for me (Sameen), he is not only a friend who... Continue Reading →

The Worker and The Queen

The end is almost upon us. December is about to be dissolved and January is to take charge of the life ahead. Bookhad interviewed its readers and the entire series was a peek in to the minds of the average Bookhad; their idiosyncrasies, their likes and dislikes, their flavour and their relationship with the written... Continue Reading →

Curtain Call

"This is the end. Hold your breath and count to ten." Okay, enough with the Adele impersonation. But yes, we've reached the end of the series. Last, but not the least, is our dear bookhad Siddharth, who we fondly call Jay. And Jay it shall be. Reader Bio: Jay's name is Siddharth. Yes, it is. He... Continue Reading →

The Last Lap

And here we are, at the one-but-last interview of the season. Allowing us to interview her, is one of the admins' elder sister who has been a constant source of inspiration, criticism and the go-to person for all the insight on Literature for our very own Siddiqui. So it makes sense to have her here.... Continue Reading →

The Designer in the House

This morning a book club member remarked that we have too many engineers and CAs in the group. "Why not doctors?" she asked. So, when we introduce this next interviewee, we will leave out the 'Engineer' tag and say that he's a talented artist and a Designer who is an Automobile Styler. He sketches, works... Continue Reading →

The Idiot. Not.

When an introvert agrees to do an interview with us, we feel that there must be something that we're doing right. After all, they don't come out of their shells just like that, do they? This time, a CA is in conversation with us about the fiction he reads.Reader Bio: When we asked Asim Mahmood, to... Continue Reading →

Here be thoughts!

We just realised we seem to know a lot of Engineers. Not a bad thing, eh? So, what do we do? We go and interview one more of them. Presenting to you Aamil Syed. Reader Bio: Aamil says that he is not a very well read person, but he really likes to read. Aamil says, "Most... Continue Reading →

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