Wake up

The end came upon us like a thief.  And left with an equally light tread. It caught us unaware; it caught us asleep. The light of the sun came creeping Upon our sleeping forms. It gently stirred the darkness away Into nothing. The new day was equally bright. Just like the many previous ones; The same... Continue Reading →

Ghosh and his magic

I’m a fan of re reading and I think I have mentioned that more than once right here. There are many reasons which compel me to read a book that I've already perused and, usually, it is the want of getting closer to the story or the character of the book. This January I chose... Continue Reading →

2014 and Bookhad

... And here we're again. The year end always brings forth mixed feelings. The feeling of completion juxtaposed with the feeling of weightlessness of what could've been. The year 2014 was a mixed bag, just like its predecessor. Just like the year ahead will be. Apart from the usual review writing and book reading there... Continue Reading →

100 Book Quotes

We reached the three digit mark, like Utkarsha commented on the completion of the #100bookquotes phase successfully. It began one morning on the 3rd of July with To KiIl a Mockingbird and ended it with East of Eden on the 10th of October. A 100 days spent with quotes from different books and authors. A few writers... Continue Reading →

I have been reading a book of short stories since the past half month or so. Yes, I’ve been slower than what I thought could be my worst. Anyway, the book is a collection of short stories of one the most prolific writer from India. Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami. He’s better known as R.K Narayan.... Continue Reading →

It's been more than a month since I have been trying to get together a reading list for this year. I am not the kinds who celebrate New Years and  enjoy the pomp surrounding its arrival, but I sure do like to address the coming year by adding a tinge of "method" to the "madness".... Continue Reading →

We bring to you this year end delight. The following are the books that Bookhad read. All hyperlinks will take you to their respective reviews on this blog. We'll keep updating these hyperlinks as and when we review the books. We are growing. That's like saying that the Himalayas are gigantic or that Orwell was a... Continue Reading →

Books Read in 2012

The final post of this year is a list of all the books we've read. Although, we haven't reviewed all of them, here's a quick glance at the books and their ratings. We promise to come back with lots more book reviews and book-related pieces in the new year! See you on the other side.... Continue Reading →

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