Book: Habibi
Author: Craig Thompson
Year: 2011
Bookhad Rating: —

Departing from the usual review format, this post will not delve into the merits and pitfalls of reading a novel and its larger social context. Instead, we’re going to give you a series of reasons to decide for yourself if you want to read this massive graphic novel. Whether you, as a reader, end up tired by the narrative or appreciate the whole as it is greater than the sum of its parts, is up to you. You might get into a larger, worthy debate of the criticism of this novel for its overt depiction of rape, alternating storylines, character or plot flaws, and the shadows of orientalism. Or you might accept it for the world it reflects, though uncomfortable and itchy, but wholly based on the ramifications of human intention. However, one can promise that you will never tire of looking at the novel. Beauty drips from the pages. From the first drop of ink right until the end.

The Beginning


Since time immemorial…
The laws were made by men.


She told him all the stories.


The first word that Gabriel taught the Prophet was ‘Iqra’ which means ‘Read’.
Isn’t the threat always internal?
There are many things a woman is made of.
Which one was sacrificed? Isaac or Ishmael?
The End