100 Book Quotes

We reached the three digit mark, like Utkarsha commented on the completion of the #100bookquotes phase successfully. It began one morning on the 3rd of July with To KiIl a Mockingbird and ended it with East of Eden on the 10th of October.

A 100 days spent with quotes from different books and authors. A few writers were repeated either for their sheer volume or their brilliance. Bookhad’s vision for the next 80 days or so is to get back to doing what we did best; reviewing books and reading (and reviewing books some more). The stage is set, the trajectory is in our favour and the keyboards will bear the brunt of excitement.

FYI, if any fellow member is interested in getting their reviews put up here do send us a mail. We’ll be glad to accommodate it.

We, at Bookhad, thank our readers and contributors who made this possible. Coming up with a quote everyday is not as easy as it sounds and we would’ve struggled if members didn’t get involved!


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