Day 99: War and Peace


As a Christian, Tolstoy considered it necessary to be a pacifist. He believed the State to be the greatest contributor to war and murder, so therefore the State had to be disregarded. His ideas later found admirers in such revolutionaries as Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tolstoy attempted to worship in the Russian Orthodox Church. He was quickly disappointed and contested the authority of the Church. It was at this point that they booted him and kept a nice close eye on this modest noble. He managed to stir up both the Church and the State (which he considered pretty much linked anyway).

Tolstoy had a huge financial hit with Anna Karenina. He started to rake in the cash and was making money like a good Russian noble ought to during that time. And he had done it all through writing. Except Tolstoy couldn’t abide by his Christian values and keep all that money to himself. He gave up most of his fortune, often to local beggars. It drove his wife, Sofya, to rejection. She had gone into their marriage believing she had married a comfortable and wealthy noble only to be subjected to Tolstoy’s constant and nearly complete charity. Tolstoy eventually left home to travel and he became a wandering ascetic.

Source: Writing Gooder

War and Peace was written by Leo Tolstoy. It was published in 1869.

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