Day 96: The Final Empire


Brandon began writing in earnest after taking a job as the night desk clerk at a hotel because they allowed him to write while at work. During this era he went to school full time during the day, worked nights to pay for his schooling, and wrote as much as he could. He says it made for a rather dismal social life, but he finished seven novels during his undergraduate years. Brandon submitted many manuscripts for publication . . . and accumulated quite a pile of rejection letters. In spite of this he continued to be a dedicated writer.

Sanderson is known for formulating the now famous three principles of Magic:

  1. “An author’s ability to solve conflict satisfactorily with magic is directly proportional to how well the reader understands said magic.”
  2. “Limitations > Powers”
  3. “Expand what you already have before you add something new.”

Sanderson’s universe is called The Cosmere in which the majority of his books exist. This idea came from his desire to create an epic length series without requiring readers to buy a ridiculous amount of books. Because of that he hides connections to his other works within each book, creating this “hidden epic”. In the end the Cosmere Cycle will include between 32-36 books.

Source: Wikipedia and Fantasy Books

The Final Empire was written by Brandon Sanderson. It was published in 2006.


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