Dodie Smith


Smith wrote her first play at age ten. In her earliest appearance, at thirteen years old, she played an inn-keeper’s boy in Le Courrier de Lyon. In 1910, her mother remarried and they moved to London, where her mother encouraged her to continue performing. She began studying in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1914 and subsequently performed professionally, first with the Pinero’s Playgoers with fellow Royal Academy students, then with the Portsmouth Repertory Theater, and even with the YMCA during World War I, when she appeared to entertain the troops in France.

Dodie Smith died in 1990, at ninety-four years. Smith left a sum of money to the “utmost care and protection of Charley,” her remaining pet Dalmatian.

Source: Author Bio

I Capture the Castle was written by Dodie Smith. It was published in 1948.