Inheritance of Loss was Kiran Desai’s second published novel for which she won the Booker in 2006. Desai, who is 35, lived in India until she was 14, when she and her mother left first for the UK and then for the US, where she has lived ever since. However, she still holds on to her Indian passport. “Now I could become an American citizen, but then George Bush won and I’ve just been unable to bring myself to do so,” she explains, half-apologetically. “But again that’s silly because of course I pay taxes there and don’t vote, so it’s hypocritical in a way, but it held me back.

Kiran Desai’s mother, Anita Desai was shortlisted for the Booker thrice.

Source: Kiran Desai

Inheritance of Loss was written by Kiran Desai. It was published in 2006.