Day 58: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo



At the age of 21, Larsson joined the Swedish army to fulfill his two years of compulsory military service. Larsson did not back off his left wing political activism just because he joined the military. While serving in the army, he smuggled the Trotskyist magazine Red Soldier into the barracks, and upon his discharge he traveled to East Africa, where he helped train female Marxist guerillas in Eritrea to use grenade launchers.

Larsson died suddenly at the age of 50, on November 9, 2004, before any of his bestselling novels ever saw print. While conspiracy theories abound that one of Larsson’s many political enemies played a part in his death, the official story remains the most plausible: Larsson died of a massive heart attack when he climbed the seven flights of stairs to his office because the building’s elevator was broken.

Source: Biography

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was written by Stieg Larsson. It was published in 2005.


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