Winston Groom

In the book, Forrest goes into pace with NASA. On his return trip back to Earth he crash lands on an island populated by cannibals. He survives only because he manages o beat te head cannibal at chess every day!

Winston Groom’s novel came out in 1986 and sold around 30,000 copies, before the movie catapulted it to the top of the charts. Less than a year after the movie was released the book had sold 1.4 million copies and later spawned the 1995 sequel,Gump and Co. The first page of the sequel even jokingly jabs at the movie with Gump saying, “Don’t never let nobody make a movie of your life’s story.”

Source: Fun Facts and Trivia

Forrest Gump was written by Winston Groom. It was published in 1986.