George Orwell

One of the debates surrounding Down and Out is whether it was a piece of factual autobiography or part fiction. Orwell wrote in the Introduction to the 1935 French edition: “I think I can say that I have exaggerated nothing except in so far as all writers exaggerate by selecting. I did not feel that I had to describe events in the exact order in which they happened, but everything I have described did take place at one time or another.”

The luxury hotel in which Orwell worked in the autumn of 1929 was identified as the Crillon by Sonia Orwell, as recounted by Sam White, the London Evening Standard’s Paris correspondent. However, the writers Stansky and Abrahams have suggested, in their study of Orwell, that it was the Hotel Lotti.

Source: Wiki

Down and Out in Paris and London was written by George Orwell. It was published in 1933.