Vikram Seth

A Suitable Boy is a 1349 pages long colossus, unparalleled to any book published recently in English language. The novel explores the national and political issues in post-independence period. The book is not based on a single story. Seth demonstrates the concerns of the society in the partitioned India which range from Hindu-Muslim conflicts, academic affairs, intra-family relations and land reforms.

Seth’s versatility can be deduced by his contribution to libretto as he was commissioned by English National Opera to write one based on the Greek legend of Arion and the Dolphin. Moreover, Seth is a polyglot, who is well-versed in quite a few languages, including Mandarin, Welsh, Urdu, English and French. Being a music buff, he takes great pleasure in singing German lieder and playing cello and flute.

Source: Biography

A Suitable Boy was written by Vikram Seth. It was published in 1993.