Day 32: The Chronicles of Narnia

C S Lewis

C.S Lewis was hugely popular as a teacher – with students. Lewis’s Oxford lectures on medieval literature were standing room only with some students sitting in the windows. But some professors resented his popularity. Theologians, in particular, didn’t appreciate Lewis invading their academic territory – with more success than they had. Also, his orthodox Christian views did not win him many academic friends. For these reasons Lewis was never given an academic chair at Oxford, although he was eventually awarded one at Cambridge. He saw classical thinking as superior in every respect to modern thought, and took every opportunity to show that this was true.

On 22 November 1963, Lewis collapsed in his bedroom at 5:30 pm and died a few minutes later. His death was almost completely overshadowed by news of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which occurred on the same day, as did the death of Aldous Huxley.

Source: Bio and Trivia on C.S Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia was written by C.S Lewis. It was published in 1950.


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