Day 20: The Cobra

Frederck Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth has been known to go all the way for all his research material for his thrillers.There are reports that say he prevented a near death call when he ran for his life after finding out that the underworld gun dealer he was about to meet found out that he was a writer looking for meat!

For his novel The Cobra he arriving mid-coup in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa and hid in a hotel from gun battles further down the street. Forsyth was the youngest pilot of the Royal Air Force joining at the age of 19. He then became a journalist and worked for Reuters in several European capitals. When, while covering the Nigerian Civil War, he asked permission to keep covering it after 6 months of fighting he was denied. Smelling news management, Forsyth quit his job and covered it personally by staying there for the next two months.

He still believes in doing it the old-fashioned way — on a typewriter.

Sources: Wikipedia on Forsyth and The Cobra: Review

The Cobra was written by Fredrick Forsyth. It was published in 2010.

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