Day 8: The Fountainhead

Ayn RandRand, in The Fountainhead, has measured the progress of mankind by buildings and scientific innovations it produces. Rand’s adoring treatment of the New York skyline signals her glorification of industry and technology. It is a reminder of ambition and goals when she shows her characters gazing at the skyline of the city. Rand uses the skyscrapers to represent human conquest over nature and to symbolize modernity. She has all but rejected the contribution of art and philosophy to the advancement of the human race. The novel scoffs at other forms of art form and makes it seem ridiculous and self-indulgent. Questions regarding the legitimacy and the contribution it makes to society is asked every time a new play or work of literature crops up in the narrative.

Rand also suggests that any medium that relies on the public is doomed to mediocrity.

Source: Themes of Fountainhead

The Fountainhead was written by Ayn Rand. It was published in 1943.

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