It’s been more than a month since I have been trying to get together a reading list for this year. I am not the kinds who celebrate New Years and  enjoy the pomp surrounding its arrival, but I sure do like to address the coming year by adding a tinge of “method” to the “madness”. People who know me are aware that despite me loving to make lists and ticking them off occasionally I have always had troubles with sticking to it.

Sure, I love making lists. Who doesn’t, at least on a very basic level? Sticking to it is another matter altogether.

So I sat myself down at my table and started working on my list. My reading list, of course. Other kinds will follow, but this, now, is a matter of great urgency. Mid February is gone and the second half is in trouble of being gobbled down by March before I know it. I need to hurry!

So, like I said, I get my fountain pen (Black. More character) and pull out an A4 sized sheet from my stash. My pen hovers in mid-air in titillating anticipation of the words that will flow out. I am expecting a rush of ideas and a deluge of thoughts weaved together to produce for me the perfect reading list for the year’s remainder. Before I make a single entry there are too many thoughts already; how many in a month? Will I be able to finish it? Am I being too optimistic of my free time availability? Which genre to pick? Random?

I regurgitated all my problems on paper (Ball point pen. Why use a fountain pen for this?) and noted down a long list of books that I “wanted” to read. Now this “wanted” section is huge. There are times when one can’t read a certain book without giving up on a few of the basic rules to follow. For example, I don’t like reading a book on anything. Be it a computer screen, an iPod, a kindle or whatever. I want a paperback. But, I’m just a tiny blob of flesh pretending to be cool. So, when I didn’t find the time to buy Lullaby (financial crunch) I asked a friend to send a PDF copy.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that the list I made was huge. There are a few books which will be very expensive to buy, so I have o try my luck at the library. Then there are a few which I would loath to hurry through it so that I could finish the other books. War & Peace and As I Lay Dying are two examples. It is almost impossible to make a legitimate list of books that takes into consideration all the variables.

I have IT with me. I’ve read the first 50 pages, and I want to read more but there isn’t time. So, what I do is read a thick (it should be light on the head, mind you) book along with another book. So, I read two together. I can’t do this if I choose Crime and Punishment and read it along with Great Expectations.

It wouldn’t be fair to either.

To solve my problem I made a list of only 20 books from the universal set and will try to fit it in my busy schedule. I’ve chosen a few from every genre I wanted to peruse. I also have non-fiction on my list. Obviously, politics figures in my list but I read those anyway so why make a song and dance about it?

If only reading was a full-time occupation. Alas!



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