This morning a book club member remarked that we have too many engineers and CAs in the group. “Why not doctors?” she asked. So, when we introduce this next interviewee, we will leave out the ‘Engineer’ tag and say that he’s a talented artist and a Designer who is an Automobile Styler. He sketches, works with colours and plays with light. Some of his photographs are beyond breathtaking. Here is Ameya Baporikar – a reader who we have taken many-a-book suggestions from.

The man with the lens.

Reader Bio: Ameya is from the city of Oranges, Nagpur. He admits to investing in people, things, and places heavily. His friend once said that he can feel emotions much more intensely than anyone around him, which he shrugs off as somewhat true. Ameya likes to play to flex his muscles, travel so that he can get lost, and interact with random people so that he can shoot them through his lens. His first book/series was Faster Fene (in Marathi) which includes around 20 books. After that there was no looking back. He reads when he is travelling, attending a class, when everyone pesters him to stop reading, and even while waiting for his turn to bat. Ameya says, “I can read practically everywhere.” 

Ameya, describe why you read.
I read to travel across Delhi with William Dalrymple, to have a tea with Maisie Clifton, to rule the world with the Mughals, to build a Kingdom with Pandavas, to eat some makhhan with Krishna, to go on war against Ravana with Rama, Laxman & Hanuman, to be a part of exciting world which I can’t live.

When I read a book, I start imagining the story as much as I can. Slowly, the real world evaporates and I became a part of the world of that book/story. It is one of the best feelings in the world.

If you could save a character from a tragedy he/she suffered, which character would it be and how would you save him/her? *Spoiler Alert: Skip question if you’ve not read The Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer*
I would save Maisie Clifton from her turbulent times. I would have stood beside her to fight Hugo Barrington and I would also put in some money for Harry’s education.

If you could adapt a book into a movie, which book would it be and which actor/actress would play the roles of the characters?
I would adapt 11 minutes by Paulo Coelho. And the actress, Marion Cotillard, would play the lead.

What are you currently reading?
The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Which, according to you, is:

Best book you’ve read this year:
Dongri to Dubai
Worst book you’ve read this year:
Luckily…I’ve not yet come across such a book.
Book that you resolved to read this year, but did not:
The Lost River; it’s about the river Saraswati and the research done on its existence.
Most overrated writer:
Most underrated writer:
Milind Bonkil; the writer of ‘Shala’
Best book-movie adaptation:
Game of Thrones; though it’s not a movie, the adaptation is amazing.
Worst book-movie adaptation:

Suppose your uncle entrusted you with a ring that could rule the world. He says that the ring can be destroyed only by letting the first rays on sunlight fall on it at the top of the Himalayas. Would you undertake the journey? Who would you take along with you to do so?
Yes. I would definitely go for the journey without anyone with me. Because there is a great chance that my accomplice would betray me or, in an extreme case, kill me for the that ring and who knows what would happen after that? It could possibly ruin my journey in The Himalayas which I don’t want.

Is there a character that you have read and wanted to be related to? Romantically, even?
The first wife of Chatrapati Shivaji, Saibai. I have this huge crush on her after reading about her character in Shriman Yogi. I just want to live in that age to at least meet, see or, if possible, marry her.

Would you mind if your significant other did not understand your passion of reading at all?
Not exactly. It’s a personal choice. And I believe that choices are never good or bad, they are just personal.

Give one word/phrase for:

  • Indian Fiction: Regional
  • Online Shopping of Books: Boring
  • Mythology: Fascinating
  • The Sound of Music: A piece of art
  • Critics: Someone with strong opinions
  • Storytelling: Experiences
  • Windows: Phone?
  • Bookhad: GARAM! 😉 Lovely.

A (book) quote that you would like to part with…
“If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed.”- Into the Wild


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