Questioning a Psychologist

This time we’ve interviewed a psychologist. Yes, this is a first for us at Bookhad. We have tread very carefully here but we fear that she knows more about us than we do about her even after this interview. Onward…It’s time for us to stop talking you see…

Reader Bio: Vaishnavi Verma is a Counselling Psychologist and a teacher. She is a self-confessed lazy daughter, passive friend and a neurotic mess. When she is notaltAhCS5yQEw1WGXZWTGKNOw_RmXAcT017YdcFBy8iMoi4z_jpg begging for affection from the depressing paedophiles online, she writes. She says, “Writing allows me to release my regressed creativity, much like farting.”

Vaishnavi, does reading inspire you to write?
Indeed it does. I started my journey with Agatha Christie (I still re-read her books) and always wanted to write a mystery novel. I had too many unfinished stories scribbled in my school books.

Do you think good writing is necessary for good storytelling?
Not necessarily. Have you ever listened to a four year old describe his day at nursery? I would kill to have an imagination like that.

Suppose you are in the Room of Requirement, standing in front of the Mirror of Erised1. Describe what you see.
I see a gorgeous woman with Megan Fox body, Kate Winslet curves, luscious black hair, a Ph.D degree in Cognitive Sciences, a published writer and researcher. Of course, my Atticus Finch with me.

What are you currently reading?
Summer Lightning by P.G. Wodehouse

Which, according to you, is:

Best book you’ve read this year:
‘Tis by Frank McCourt
Worst book you’ve read this year:
None. But plenty of blogs I could have done without.
Book that you resolved to read this year, but did not:
Lord of the Rings. 2014 would be the year!
Most overrated writer:
Writers like Sudeep Nagarkar, Ravinder Singh, Durjoy Dutta scare me. They have worked hard at their books, but I wished they would focus on quality and not quantity.
Most underrated writer:
Nowadays, there are more of overrated writers than underrated ones. Everyone declares themselves to be a bestseller, just like Bollywood.
Best book-movie adaptation:
Most definitely To Kill a Mockingbird and Harry Potter movies!!! I still remember how I waited in queue with my cousin to buy tickets for the first movie.
Worst book-movie adaptation:
The Poirot series based on Agatha Christie books. Such a disappointment.

Suppose it is “1984” and every move of yours is being tracked2. What secret code would you come up with to bring anarchy?
Pig has waddled from the sty. (I obviously haven’t read the book and have no idea what I am doing.)

If you had to choose a book as an English textbook for 8th standard students of this country, what would it be and why?
To Kill a Mockingbird and The Catcher in the Rye. They taught me a lot in my teenage years. And I would always be grateful to my mother for introducing me to such authors.

Like in The Alchemist3, suppose you had a dream informing you about a treasure you always wanted, would you wake up the next morning and go out in search of it?
Does it involve physical activity?

Give one word/phrase for:

  • Chetan Bhagat: Popular
  • Conspiracy Theories: Hilarious
  • Torn Books: Love
  • Peter Jackson: Hairy
  • Star Wars: Yoda
  • School Essays: Nostalgia
  • Book Reviews: Unnecessary
  • Werewolves: Apparently hot
  • Bookhad: Eccentricities United

A quote that you would like to part with…
“Ye Jism pyar nahi jannta hai, jaanta hai to sirf bhook…” oops…sorry, wrong interview.

Not exactly a quote, but something so profound, poignant, and philosophical…

“There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, ‘Do trousers matter?'”
“The mood will pass, sir.”

― P.G. Wodehouse, The Code of the Woosters


Do let us know in the comments what you think. If you would like to be featured here, drop us a mail at with a line on why we should feature you.



1 The Mirror of Erised shows the greatest desire of the one looking into it upon its surface, often with them having achieved some goal or ambition. However, since each person is unique, only they can see it from their point of view.

21984 is a dystopian novel set in a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control, dictated by a political system.

3The Alchemist is a story that follows a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago in his journey to Egypt, after having a recurring dream of finding treasure there.


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  1. >Worst book you’ve read this year:
    >None. But plenty of blogs I could have done without.
    >Book Reviews: Unnecessary
    >Does it involve physical activity?

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