The (Un)Tame(d) SheWolf Talks

Up next we have a regular reader (of our blog too) and a blogger Tame SheWolf! Lest we say something to provoke the shewolf, here’s a quick bio and then you can hear it from the wolf’s mouth.

Reader Bio: Tame SheWolf is a reluctant blogger suffering from existential crisis, who is valiantly fighting boredom and apathy everyday with the hope that the future is maddeningly beautiful and made of better dreams. She has graduated in the subject of psychology, whose traces still linger in her everyday chatter. She has to remind herself that she is 21 years old. And she believes that everybody should read and everybody can write.


Tame SheWolf, who/what inspired you to read?
My English teacher and my mother.

My teacher used to discuss her favorite books in class, even though at that age, we would just listen because we had to. She used to recommend books to me; which I, in turn, used to go and tell my mom about. And, my mom used to buy cheaper, pirated versions of the book! (At that time we couldn’t afford to buy hardbacks. I think, on some level, we still can’t…but my mom calls it ‘splurging on herself’ and now pride herself on her collection of books.) Anyway, that’s how effortlessly reading was available to me.

If all the books in the world were going to vanish and you could save only 5, which ones would they be?
1. The Harry Potter Series (It is counted as one.)
2. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
3. Watchmen (the graphic novel)
4. T S Eliot’s poems
5. A cookbook!

According to you, should art imitate life or should life imitate art?
Life must imitate art.

What are you currently reading?
LOTR by Tolkien and Pigs Can Fly by Wodehouse

Which, according to you, is:

Best book you’ve read this year:
Outliers. (Only because it was the last book I read. Recency effect, I warn you.)
Worst book you’ve read this year:
None. I enjoyed most of them.
Book that you resolved to read this year, but did not:
So many! Catch 22, Satanic Verses, The Casual Vacancy…the list goes on.
Most overrated writer:
I don’t believe in anyone being over-rated. Fame is a weird, lucky, pulse-catching wonder. Everybody should write, and one must not debar someone from being published or bully someone who successfully has.
Most underrated writer:
In Indian pulp fiction, I think Karan Bajaj is better than most. He has matter in his masala stories, he just lacks literary style.
Best book-movie adaptation:
I recently read and watched Life of Pi. I liked it. (Recency effect, again!)
Worst book-movie adaptation:
I don’t remember the bad ones. (My memory fails me whenever presented with such questions.)

Suppose you woke up one night and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come1 was at your bedside, waiting to take you on a midnight stroll, where do you think he would take you and why?
The ghost would take me to a period of my life where I am nagging, frustrated old woman who has been a bitter coward for not writing enough and not writing bravely. I think, to prevent that horror, I would work harder, be braver.

If you could swap your life for a character’s, which character would that be and why?
I am over-thinking this and thus, drawing a blank.

Hmm…I wouldn’t want to. Even in an ideal world, their lives have not been ideal enough to swap my life with. Maybe I’d just be a random student in Hogwarts. I’d gasp and applaud at the dining hall after Dumbledore’s speeches, and be a sincere student of magic.

What is your opinion on chick literature2?
I don’t read them (because I have long to-read list already, and I cannot help but rip the book with my feminist critique). I don’t mind its popularity, though. It appeals to a lot of us, and I guess, it is pleasurable reading. Plus, I also believe the habit of reading is built by such books. You start from simple and then you devour bigger themes. Chick-literature adds to the literature library; so why complain?

Give one word/phrase for:

  • Game of Thrones: Yet to read/watch
  • Classics: Time/concentration/emotion-consuming
  • Act of lending books: Cautious
  • Martin Freeman: Oooo… 🙂 English. Watson. THGTG (I’m listening to him read the story in an audiobook version.)
  • Graphic Novels: Ridiculously awesome
  • Twilight: Robert Pattinson!
  • Literary Festivals: Intimidating. (I haven’t been to one yet. Judge me!)
  • Bookmarks: Necessarily funny, and necessary.
  • Bookhad: Melting pot

A quote that you would like to part with…
I wanted to use the quote where Dumbledore says that words are our inexhaustible source of magic… But I found this one, and I thought it was better. It’s a snippet, and not a quote. (I am sorry. This interview has really been fun, and I can’t remain tamed.)

I seem to remember telling you both that I would have to expel you if you broke any more school rules,” said Dumbledore.
Ron opened his mouth in horror.
“Which goes to show that the best of us must sometimes eat our words,” Dumbledore went on, smiling.
J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Read more about and of the Tame SheWolf on her wonderful blog Yeha, Whatever.

Do let us know in the comments what you think. If you would like to be featured here, drop us a mail at with a line on why we should feature you.



1Ghost of ‘Christmas Yet to Come’ is a fictional character from Dickens’ famous novel A Christmas Carol. The ghost haunts the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, in order to prompt him to adopt a more caring attitude in life by taking him to the future and showing him his funeral. Since the ghost takes him to the future on Christmas Eve, it is called the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

2Chick lit is genre fiction that addresses issues of modern womanhood, often humorously and lightheartedly.

P.S.: Image provided by Tame SheWolf.


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  1. This was lovely. It was just the right mixture of tongue-in-cheek, serious and thought-provoking. I was slightly disappointed by the tame responses (intended pun) to the questions about personal preferences, but I want to believe that have done so to avoid giving attention to the undeserving.

    And that snippet from Harry Potter. So profound! 🙂

    Thank you.

  2. Reblogged this on Yeha, Whatever. and commented:
    My book-club is celebrating its anniversary! They’re interviewing “readers” to sign off their successful year 2013, and they chose me!
    The questions were creative and fun, and frankly I had to pull up my socks to be as witty . 🙂

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