Book-Had: The Blog!

I’ve lived a fantasy life. I’ve unraveled mysteries a thousand times. I’ve woken up to the struggle of a woman in a war-struck land. I’ve toured a chocolate factory. I’ve been the aide of a gentleman’s gentleman. I’ve gone in search of a dream. I’ve wrinkled at the existence of a totalitarian state. I’ve uplifted my spirits many-a-times while savouring chicken soup. I’ve cried when a girl lost everything in life. I’ve let myself be carried away into the skies on a Christmas Eve. I’ve educated myself about the practicalities of life. I’ve lived a new life each time I’ve opened a new chapter. I’ve set off on a new journey, everytime I’ve picked up a new book. Be it covered in dust or freshly printed paperback; be it a textbook or be it a digital rendition of one of those that are lying out of my reach. Each time I’ve started reading a new book, I’ve given myself the liberty to live someone else’s life, to be enthralled, to be whisked away and to be told a story.
It is this love of books and literature that gave birth to our reading group – Book-Had. As the name rightly suggests, we are a hungry sort of lot, which devours books and takes them all in. We undertake journeys to lands unknown together, and we share our experiences while on that journey. Our experiences are never the same and sometimes they are. But, whatever the end, it is the ride makes it worth the while.
And, this is where we bring to you our experiences of each trip we’ve undertaken. A review of each one of those books that we read as a group and what we think of it. This is not a blog that critiques books; it is a place where we narrate our experiences of the journeys we’ve been on…


– Book-Had

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